Staff Profile for The DCSLL

Aaron Dalrymple

Aaron Dalrymple: DCSLL Manager

Mr. Aaron Dalrymple (Manager)

Job Summary:

Responsible For The Overall Management Of The League.


  • Responsible to Board for the day-to-day management and administration of the League
  • Provide advice to the Board on plans and programmes for the growth of the League and the Credit Union Movement in general
  • Submit annual development plans and operating budgets for the consideration and approval of that Board.
  • Attend and prepare papers for all Board meetings and meetings of Committees appointed by the Board and Annual General Meetings
  • Attend hearings before the Commissioner of Co-operatives and Law Courts after consultation with the Board
  • Establish and maintain internal checks and controls
  • Supervise and be responsible for the discipline all supportive Staff
  • Employ and dismiss subordinate staff
  • Organize and maintain a programme of publicity and promotion of the Credit Union Movement.
  • Sign all cheques, notes and documents of the League in accordance with general or specific authorization of the Board
  • Perform such service for the affiliated Credit Unions of the League as the Board may from time to time reasonably require
  • Perform any other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Board
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Oliver Henderson

Oliver Henderson: DCSLL Examiner

Mr. Oliver Henderson (Examiner)

Job Summary:

To perform regular supervisory visits to the Credit Unions in order to ensure the overall safety and soundness of the Credit Union.


  • Evaluate the Credit Union’s financial soundness
  • Appraise the quality of the officers, management, supervisors and staff on governance management
  • Develop plans with officials in order to correct problems and avoid or minimize potential future problems
  • Determine the degree of risk of the Credit Union’s operations, policies, practices, processes and procedure. Utilize the time effectively in concentrating on risk or priority areas; evaluate the financial soundness and solvency of the Credit Union.
  • Evaluate the quality of the loan portfolio and the adequacy of the allowance for the loan loss account
  • Evaluate the performance of the strategic plan vis-à-vis the balance scorecard method.
  • Examine the Credit Unions a least once a year to perform supervision visits and follow ups on problem areas and view the progress in correcting the problems.
  • Assist the Credit Union’s in the development of plans of actions in order to correct the problem noted during the examination through a memorandum of understanding.
  • Analyse the Credit Union’s internal auditor’s performance and competency
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Julien Brewster

Julien Brewster: DCSLL Field Officer

Mr. Julien Brewster (Field Officer)

Job Summary:

To supervise, coordinate, promote and assist with the development of all League affiliates


  • Assist affiliates in preparing monthly financial statements, other relevant reports
  • Monitor affiliates to ensure that they continue to follow guidelines and policies that will assist with their development.
  • Assist with on the spot training and education of officers and members, alone or in conjunction with the League’s Examiner, Training & Marketing Officer, and or the Department of Government responsible for Co-operative development.
  • Organize and participate in cooperative public meetings throughout the island
  • Visit affiliates to ascertain that they adhere to the provisions of current Co-operative legislation in the Commonwealth of Dominica, including their by-laws.
  • Investigate any complaints pertaining to malfunctioning of any affiliates and to report findings of such investigations in writing to the League Manager, The Commissioner of Co-operatives, The Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee of the affiliate concerned.
  • Visit affiliates regularly to assist with operations and managerial staff for effective operations of those affiliates.
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Kytura George-Nation

Kytura George-Nation: DCSLL Training & Marketing Officer

Mrs. Kytura George-Nation (Training & Marketing Officer)

Job Summary:

To develop and execute a dynamic programme of education and training for the leadership and membership of the Co-operative Movement. To promote and market the Co-operative Movement; CUNA Caribbean Insurance Society products and service


  • Organize and implement programmes of education and training on an on-going basis for Credit Union volunteers, employees and members.
  • Visit Credit Unions regularly for the purpose of determining training and education needs to satisfy such needs to include CUNA Caribbean products and services and promotion of the Credit Union.
  • Maintain and promote the use of a library of literature and audio-visual materials appropriate the development of Co-operatives, particularly Credit Unions and CUNA and to operate audio visual equipment
  • Undertake the preparation and dissemination of suitable education and training material
  • Develop and implement programmes of advertising, marketing, publicity and promotion of the Credit Union Movement and CUNA Caribbean Products and services.
  • Collaborate with representative of other agencies having aims and objectives complimentary to the League
  • Serve as a resource person in activities organized by affiliates
  • Report monthly to the Manager on activities, plans and developments
  • Perform such other duties not inconsistent with the position as may be assigned form time to time.
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Natalya Matthew

Natalya Matthew: DCSLL Accounts Assistant

Ms. Natalya Matthew (Accounts Assistant)

Job Summary:

Keeping the Manager informed by means of regular and accurate management accounts and statistical information, so as to report a true and fair view of the Society’s financial position to the Board of Directors


  • Keep up-to-date accounts of all the Society’s financial transactions in accordance with the Dominica Co-operative Societies League’s Accounting System, as set out in the Accounting Manual or any approved variation thereof.
  • Prepare monthly financial statements in the approved format for presentation through the Manager to the Board
  • Maintain subsidiary ledgers to record the assets of the Organization.
  • Perform other functions which are secondary to the preparation of monthly financial statements, monthly salaries, preparation of the budget etc
  • Assist in training workshops for credit unions and provide information, which may prove useful in the Movement.
  • Seek information with regards to League Investment; Advise the League with regards to sound investments; collate data to assist the Manager and Treasurer to prepare and present investment options to the Board of Directors; inform the Manager on the status of the League’s investments
  • Facilitate training for affiliates in CUNA Insurance Products; Assist credit unions in the processing of CUNA premiums and claims
  • The Accounts Assistant may be called upon from time to time to perform any other duties in keeping with the position not identified in the job description.
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Miola Walsh

Miola Walsh: DCSLL Accounts Clerk

Ms. Miola Walsh (Accounts Clerk)

Job Summary:

To perform the basic accounting functions of the League, to maintain the books of original entry and to provide accurate and timely information at all times, and to assist the Accounts Assistant in the performance of her duties.


1) Receiving and accounting for remittances and recording entries in the general ledger:

  • Prepare disbursement vouchers for approved expenses
  • Preparation of monthly salaries
  • To assist with the preparation of monthly and end of year financial statements and prepare financial statements in the absence of the Accounts Assistant.
  • Preparation of fixed deposit investments for affiliates
  • Write cheques for approved expenses
  • Processing of CUMIS Insurance Premiums and claims.
  • Processing CUNA Insurance Premiums and claims
  • Records all incoming cash, cheques, bank drafts or other receipts in a bound remittance book
  • Ensures that all remittances are lodged at the correct financial institution daily
  • Prepare all books of original entry
  • To assist with the preparation of yearly budgets

2) To ensure that all the League’s procurement are well stored, distributed and accounted:
  • Responsible for the accounting office supplies and stock procured by the League
  • Issues such office supplies and stock on the basis of approved requisitions
  • Prepares stores issues vouchers (SIV), accounting for the supplies and stock

3) Performs other related activities for efficient operation of the office by:
  • Answering the telephone and routing messages to the appropriate person,
  • Receiving members of the public, inquiring into the nature of their business and providing assistance.

N.B. The Accounts Clerk may be called upon to perform such other duties as the Manager may from time to time require him/her to perform.

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Merle George

Merle George: DCSLL's Secretary to Manager

Ms. Merle George (Secretary to Manager)

Job Summary:

To establish and maintain effective lines of communication between the League’s Manager and credit union personnel, and generally to assist him in the achievement of his goals and that of the Organisation.


  • Issue notices of all Board and special Committee meetings in consultation with the Manager
  • Prepare and circulate all documents: Minutes, reports etc., needed for the conduct of such meetings
  • Type and duplicate on behalf of credit unions and all other correspondence and reports issued by the Manager
  • File all correspondence in relevant file after action has been taken and the Manager has initialed same
  • Maintain an up-to-date Reference Library and keep note of all books, cassettes and equipment loaned out, duration and date of return
  • Reply to correspondence on request of the Manager
  • Receive, stamp and pass on to the Manager all in-coming mail and reports
  • Keep a diary of activities/events for the Manager, President or any other officer and give them the necessary advance reminders
  • process and administer CUNA Group Health Claims, New Enrolments, and Family Indemnity Plan Insurance Premiums
  • Receive in-coming telephone calls and place outgoing ones upon request.
  • Receiving members of the public, inquiring into the nature of their business and providing assistance
  • Assist the Training and Marketing Officer with workshops for credit unions and provide information, which may prove useful in the Movement.
  • Perform all other duties, which may be requested of you from time-to-time and in keeping with the position not identified in the job description


The Secretary shall have control over all the books, equipment and other facilities needed in the execution of her duties.

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Patricia George

Patricia George: DCSLL Office Attendant

Mrs. Patricia George (Office Attendant)

Job Summary:

To be prepared to ferry hard copy documentations and artifacts for the League on a timely basis.


  • Ensures that the office is opened to the public in good time
  • Prepares and tidies Board Room for Board and Committee Meetings
  • Answers office telephone and routes calls where appropriate.
  • Operates the photo-copying machine
  • Ensures the safe distribution and collection of the League’s mail to addresses in Roseau and environs
  • Runs errands related to Credit Union business
  • Stocks office supplies
  • Welcomes visitors to the League in a professional manner and may be called upon to perform any other duty of an Office Attendant.

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