Functions and Responsiblities

Within this broad statement, the League provides a range of services for its 17 affiliated credit unions and other producer cooperatives. This includes:

Finding the Balance at DCSLL

The DCSLL is Always Striking the perfect Balance for its Members

  • Education and Training
  • Advisory
  • Public Relations/Promotions
  • Representation/advocacy
  • Supervision/fostering improved standards
  • Bonding and Insurance
  • Central Finance Facility
  • Supplies
  • Depository
The League continues to foster harmonious relations with the following agencies:
The Cooperative Division, in the Ministry of Community Development and Gender Affairs, the Dominica Rural Enterprise Project (DRep), the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, (ECCB), the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

The League promotes saving unionettes at some secondary schools in the island. The schools involved are Convent High and Grand Bay Secondary, schools.

The League has been instrumental in channeling substantial financial assistance from external agencies to local Credit Unions and other organizations, particularly in the aftermath of Hurricane David in 1979.