Privacy Policy

DCSLL Privacy Policy Statement

The Privacy Notification shall be given to every new member

The Credit Unions are committed to protecting the privacy of each member’s financial records consistent. Credit Unions will take prudent and reasonable measures to safeguard the accuracy and privacy of all member information, including information used while conducting business via the Internet, ATM Networks, wire services, telephone, PC home banking, Bill Payment, and other means of communication. Additionally, Credit Unions will begin to participate with credit reporting agencies to facilitate the processing of member loans.

Our privacy notice will be issued to members who have a continuing relationship with us, such as:

  • Deposit account
  • Loan account
  • Safe Deposit box
  • Member Retirement Account
  • Other Services

On occasion we may share the sources for nonpublic personal information that we collect on our members. When and where applicable, we will explain to our members what measures we took to secure that information.

Credit Unions will also take whatever steps necessary to protect any information they obtain on their members. Security processes shall be reviewed constantly and updated as necessary in order to keep the confidentiality of those records we held in possession.

Credit Unions will also ensure that their vendors, suppliers, and service providers comply with the proper security measures to maintain the security of data. Credit Unions staff will be kept up to date on the processes to be used daily in the safeguarding of member information. Each employee shall receive guidance and training in the maintaining of this information annually.

The Privacy Notification shall be given to every new member and user of new services at the time of issuance. The Annual notice to all members shall take place during the first quarter of each calendar year, January 2004.