Staff Profile for The DCSLL

Phoenix Belfield

Phoenix Belfield: DCSLL Manager

Mr. Phoenix Belfield (Manager)

Job Summary:

Responsible For The Overall Management Of The League.

Oliver Henderson

Oliver Henderson: DCSLL Examiner

Mr. Oliver Henderson (Examiner : Till June 29th, 2018)

Job Summary:

To perform regular supervisory visits to the Credit Unions in order to ensure the overall safety and soundness of the Credit Union.

Kytura George-Nation

Kytura George-Nation: DCSLL Training & Field Officer

Mrs. Kytura George-Nation (Training & Field Officer)

Job Summary:

To develop and execute a dynamic programme of education and training for the leadership and membership of the Co-operative Movement. To promote and market the Co-operative Movement; CUNA Caribbean Insurance Society products and service

Natalya Matthew

Natalya Matthew: DCSLL Accounting Officer

Ms. Natalya Matthew (Accounting Officer)

Job Summary:

Keeping the Manager informed by means of regular and accurate management accounts and statistical information, so as to report a true and fair view of the Society’s financial position to the Board of Directors

Miola Walsh

Miola Walsh: DCSLL Administrative Officer

Ms. Miola Walsh (Administrative Officer)

Job Summary:

To perform the basic accounting functions of the League, to maintain the books of original entry and to provide accurate and timely information at all times, and to assist the Accounts Assistant in the performance of her duties.

Patricia George

Ms. Patricia George: DCSLL Secretary to Manager

Ms. Patricia George (Secretary to Manager)

Job Summary:

To establish and maintain effective lines of communication between the League’s Manager and credit union personnel, and generally to assist him in the achievement of his goals and that of the Organisation.

Mrs. Dorothy Durand

Mrs. Dorothy Durand: DCSLL Office Attendant

Mrs. Dorothy Durand (Office Attendant)

Job Summary:

To be prepared to ferry hard copy documentations and artifacts for the League on a timely basis.

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