Marigot Cooperative Credit Union Limited

The Marigot Co-operative Credit Union is a financial Co-operative established to provide its members with quality, safe and affordable financial assistance through our services. At Marigot Co-operative Credit Union, we continue to be amember focused institution and are committed to help enhance the way of life for our members.

Over the past fifty four (54) years, the Marigot Co-operative Credit Union has made significant progress to ensure the Society’s susrvival. What started off from a very humble beginning with member’s savings as little as 25¢ is today a multi-million dollar institution with Assets of over 20 million dollars.

  • Date Of Registration: November 30, 1955
  • Main Contact: Helen Laville-Corbette (Manager)
  • Membership: 5611
  • Total Assets: EC $19,289,117
  • Share Capital: EC $226,250
  • Net Assets: EC $1,123,003
  • General Reserve: EC $437,762
  • Number Of Employees: 13 (3 Male & 10 Female)
  • LS: EC $10,800
  • LP: EC $54,000
Marigot Cooperative Credit Union Limited
  • Address: Weirs
    Commonwealth of Dominica
  • Telephone No.#: (767) 445-7155
  • Telefax No.#: (767) 445-8411
  • E-mail:
  • Website:

Other Services:

  • Utility Payments
  • Cashing of DBMC Cheques
  • Letter of Credence
  • Social Security Collection/Benefit Payments
  • Night Safety Depository
  • Chequing Accounts