NCCU Vieille Case Branch

It was George.A.Royer, then Health inspector of Vieille Case who having heard the good news of the Credit Union Movement in Roseau, Marigot, Calibishie, and Portsmouth, invited Sr. Alicia and a team of leaders from the above areas to call a meeting in Vieille Case in early 1954.

The VCCU remains one of the most developed and forward thinking movements in Dominica. For three consecutive years in the 90s the society has been awarded certificates and trophies for outstanding performances and has been commended for by many seasoned Credit Unionist both locally and regionally.

  • Date Of Registration: December 8th, 1955
  • Main Contact: Mrs. Theresa Royer (Manager)
  • Membership: 2387
  • Total Assets: EC $9,445,196
  • Share Capital: EC $227,250
  • Net Assets: EC $1,072,100
  • General Reserve: EC $656,738
  • Number Of Employees: 12
  • LS: EC $10,800
  • LP: EC $54,000
Vieille Case Cooperative Credit Union Limited
  • Address: 7021 Church Street
    Vieille Case
    Commonwealth of Dominica
  • Telephone No.#: (767) 445-5440
  • Telefax No.#: (767) 445-5440
  • E-mail:
  • Website:

Other Services:

  • Utility Payments
  • Cashing of Banana Farmers Cheques
  • Letter of Credence