4th Credit Union Youth Summit

2017 Youth SummitApril 6th to 8th, 2017 at the Holy Redeemer Retreat House.

Theme, “Volunteerism the Stepping Stone To Success”.

It is a well-researched position that greater developmental progress is made when persons work co-operatively.  It is in this regard that the Dominica Co-operative Societies League Ltd has undertaken to plan this annual youth summit to provide a forum for some of our youth to network, learn new concepts, share ideas, their hopes and aspirations in an environment designed to encourage the same.

Today forty-four (44) young co-operators from around the island are here on the mountain to participate in the fourth (4th) Credit Union Youth Summit. Today is a great day for the Credit Union Movement in Dominica.  This effort is expected to address the critical areas of the number and quality of volunteers available to the various societies nationally, thereby ensuring the continued development of the various co-operative societies.

We encourage all societies and institutions of learning to invest in the youth within their area and recognize the significant investment that is made when young people participate in summits such as this.  We encourage our young people to share with their peers the experiences gained this weekend.


  • Youth Empowerment through Cooperatives (2014)
  • “Encouraging Youth Volunteerism (2015)
  • “Volunteerism the Way to Go: (2016)

Topics looked at this year; relationships, preparing for a job interview, Business innovation ideas, co-operation for development video.

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