Six Students Get DCSLL Scholarships

Belfield promised that the League will continue its investments into the education of the youth and it is a “privilege and honour” to continually contribute to the youth’s development.

“We have come from the poor man’s bank to a significant player within the financial arena nationally, and that is why as a league, we will continue to investment in the youth because the youth are our future, they are our investment, they are our one sure investment and we would need, in terms of succession planning, for people who are not only adapting in terms of what the credit union movement is all about, but also in its principle. So that is why for us it is an extreme privilege and honour that we can contribute towards youth development,” he stated.

Meantime President of the Society League, Alganan Degallerie, has encouraged the students to make good use of the opportunity set before them as their parents and the credit union itself are trying their very best to ensure that they get the education that they deserve.

“Students, you have been given a golden opportunity at success, embrace it and take full advantage. Your primary focus is on your achievement at school. You do not have to worry how you are going to survive at school…Ensure that you perform your task in a very diligent and efficient manner since this is the only way that you will be able to achieve your goals. Ensure that you put your all into your school work,” Degallerie stated.

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